Who We Are

Established in December 1995, the Summit Clubhouse is a voluntary program for people with a history of mental illness. The clubhouse follows the Clubhouse Model of Rehabilitation as defined in the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.

The Clubhouse is member-driven and involves an effort between staff and members. The program is based on a “Work Ordered Day.” Work is side by side, five days per week, in two units: The Advancement & Communications Unit and the Essential Nourishment Unit. These work activities are vital to the ongoing operation of the clubhouse.

The Clubhouse offers a relaxed environment with friendly members from a variety of backgrounds and varied talents. Your personal abilities and skills are welcome at the Clubhouse.


Forrie Moeggenberg
Clubhouse Director
Christina (Tina) Perry
Clubhouse Manager
LaMeil Babbitt
Clubhouse Generalist
Morghan Brassard
Clubhouse Generalist