Who We Are

Established in December 1995, the Summit Clubhouse is a voluntary program for people with a history of mental illness. The clubhouse follows the Clubhouse Model of Rehabilitation as defined in the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.

The Clubhouse is member-driven and involves an effort between staff and members. The program is based on a “Work Ordered Day.” Work is side by side, five days per week, in three units: Member Services Unit, Kitchen Unit, and Multi-Media Unit. These work activities are vital to the ongoing operation of the clubhouse.

The Clubhouse offers a relaxed environment with friendly members from a variety of backgrounds and varied talents. Your personal abilities and skills are welcomed at the Clubhouse.

Forrie Moeggenberg
Clubhouse Director
Christina (Tina) Perry
Clubhouse Manager
LaMeil Babbitt
Clubhouse Advocate