News & Events

Policy and Function Meeting: 2 pm. on the first Wednesday of every month
Calendar Planning Meeting: 2 pm on the second Monday of every month
House Meeting: 2 pm every Monday
Career Development/Education Meeting: 2 pm every Thursday
Unit Meetings: 9 am and 1 pm every day
Social Recreation Events: 4 pm every Tuesday
Advisory Board Meeting: 5 pm second Wednesday every month
Farmers Market: 10 am Every Thursday from May through October
Wellness Walk: Every day after lunch weather permitting

See the monthly calendar on the Summit Clubhouse Facebook for special events



Summit News 


Newly Added to Clubhouse Policies: 
Social Media & Multimedia Content & Articles for the Newsletter, Website, Facebook Page, and Other Social Media Outlets Must be: Socially Appropriate, Kind, Informative, Respectful & Compliment the Mission and Vision Statement of Summit Clubhouse.


All Posts Will Be  Reviewed By 2 Individuals to Ensure The Following……

  1. Is Anyone in Photos/Videos & Do They Have Media Consent?
  2. Content Does Not Contain Personal Opinions
  3. Content Does Not Contain Profanity
  4. Content Does Not Contain Religious/Political Views
  5. Content is Positive & Uplifting 




Weekly Activities: September 19th -23rd 2022


Daily Meetings 9 am and 1 pm Everyday


Monday, September 19th House Meeting/Calendar Planning @ 2 pm.

Tuesday, September 20th Social Recreation: In-House Movie Night

Thursday, September 22nd Farmers Market @ 10 am. 

Thursday, September 22nd Education Meeting @ 2 pm